Tablet Wars! Betamax or perhaps VHS? Android, Apple, or perhaps Playbook?

I've clients asking me about capsules on a regular basis today. They wish to know what platform will win. They want something, but they are simply unsure what. So, here is the attempt of mine to evaluate the platforms. Because I have only practical experience with the Android tablets, I am searching for community feedback on the Apple iPad as well as Blackberry Playbook. Just how are they helping you? I get the best analysis of mine of every stamp and Platform each with VHS (it is going to survive Betamax or) (going the means of the dodo bird).

Specifications As I stated, I can't talk with the iPad and Playbook aside from what I hear from others, therefore be ready for a few hearsay. I are using an Acer Iconia A500 - a Google Android tablet. It is rather bigger compared to the Galaxy Tablet (the 7" one) and contains a 10" screen. It is a little on the large side as a result of the long life battery. The building is sound, efficiency is especially good, and also it's expandable in a method in which not one of the others are (with no docking stations anyway)... it's a full size USB connector. This means you are able to plug a mouse, thumb drive, keyboard, or perhaps external hard drive straight in to the tablet in case you want. The Androids are showing up in lots of various configurations, several with computer keyboard docks, some with charging only docks, the Transformer looks as the "screen" and a notebook opens as well as closes when docks. And so much as I understand, Apples as well as Playbooks are arriving restricted configurations, with Microsoft products becoming much more versatile, though perhaps not almost as the Androids.

The iPad two and one of the Android devices with the dual core processors must be quick and nice. I am guessing the Windows tablets are going to use the same kind of hardware wedge as Android, providing overall performance that is very good . Once more, I do not understand much about the Playbook. Generally, the Android tablets (and hypothetically Microsoft as well) may have a shorter hardware lifecycles than the others plus they'll be shipped by several companies. This means that you will see much more different and much more the latest hardware on the Android platform.

Verdict: VHS - Android & Microsoft Betamax - Playbook and Apple

Customization Apple enables significantly less customization (mostly icons and also backgrounds) of the tablet than complete Androids (extreme... change practically anything). So there's more you are able to mess up on Androids additionally though. I prefer additional choices, personally. I can't talk to customization on the Playbook actually, there is not much great info out just yet. Peanut gallery... almost any input? We also know little now about the Microsoft capsules, though I am gon na imagine they come away somewhere between the Androids and Apple.

Verdict: VHS - Android Betamax - Apple Unknown - Microsoft and Playbook

Apps Apple has far more apps - at minimum for right now. For the following season or maybe 2 Apple is likely to remain somewhat far forward within the app war. Google and also the brand new Microsoft tablets are anticipated to carry a good offer of market share from Apple though, together with the Google Market perhaps exceeding the Apple App Store sometime in 2014. Microsoft Windows eight will be released in the following 12 months or so and will possibly enable you share apps between your tablet and desktop in a way you can't together with the other platforms. Additionally, the Microsoft emphasis on the creator ecosystem should encourage fast growth. But... it is an extended ways off and who has learned what'll occur between then and now. The Playbook has a small app store and they are coming from much behind. Tablets are an innovative form factor and the amount of business apps for them are still relatively limited. This is a challenge for every one of the platforms over the following couple years... to be relevant within the enterprise.

Verdict: VHS - Apple & Android Betamax - Playbook Unknown - Microsoft

Platform Staying Power The Playbook is an unknown at this stage. Many people think it over a previous flailing attempt by RIM to remain relevant with Blackberry phones quickly losing out to Apple along with Google products. Android devices and apple are not going anywhere in the near future. I actually believe that the Playbook is DoA. Microsoft is extremely late into the game, but as a platform I believe they are gon na be around for some time. The tablet form factor for Microsoft is basically an unknown then. They are definitely betting a great deal on succeeding succeed.

Verdict: VHS - Apple & Android Betamax - Playbook Unknown - Microsoft

Security Theoretically the Playbook must do well in this class because of RIM's experience handling mobile devices all over their Blackberry platform. It's mostly unknown how well this works so far however. The Google and iPad tablets don't have a lot of security options so much, and neither has excellent built in enterprise management capabilities for remote wiping as much as I am aware. There's some data encryption accessible, but it's limited. Typically you will need apps to bring protection to these devices. Expect much better security when Windows eight comes out at last. Because Windows eight is a shared platform you need to have Active Directory integration, Group Policies and also remote mobile device management assistance. You will also have a chance to access the present Windows protection app base. That will drive additional vendors to beef up their security to not drop market share to Microsoft.

Verdict: VHS - Playbook & Microsoft Betamax - Apple & Android

Fun Tablets are enjoyable and also may be a fantastic accessory (not replacement) for your mobile arsenal. They are not likely in order to replace mobile phones or laptops both one, but to praise them. Generally, they do well at light to moderate gaming (not really as well as a Sony PSP or maybe Nintendo DS) and heavier multimedia (audio as well as video clip playing), and mild web surfing. Nearly all of them is going to connect to an HDTV so that you are able to display articles in HD on the bigger display. Exactly how nicely they do these depends mostly on the apps you've packed, therefore it is tough to do an Apples to Apples comparability (pun intended!), though I am just going to head out on a limb and point out they will all be nearly equal in the fun division. The issue is gon na be for the Playbook within the apps as well as games groups. The app store of theirs is starting strategy behind the other 2. Windows tablets (when they arrive) needs to have a leg in place in case they are able to perform PC wedge games natively. There is a good Windows app store, though it is not as large as either of the 2 leaders - and they've no tablet apps within the shop today. I am uncertain just how (or IF) the present Windows Phone apps will shift to the tablet also.

Verdict: VHS - Apple, Android, Microsoft Betamax - Playbook

And so, here is a summary: Android - five x VHS, one x Betamax Apple - three x VHS, three x Betamax Microsoft - three x VHS, three x Unknown Playbook - one x VHS, four x Betamax, one x Unknown

Winner: Android!

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